Join us on the road to climate-neutrality.

Use this website to calculate your personal CO2-emission by travelling to DGTL Amsterdam.

325 People have compensated the CO2-emissions of their trip to DGTL. 

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Why compensate?

Watch the explainer video to find out all you need to know about this project.

Where is the money going?

You can choose between these projects:

trees for all

Trees For All invests in a green and healthy earth by planting and restoring forests worldwide. Trees offer protection, purify the air by capturing CO2-emissions. For every tree donation we plant a tree in The Netherlands as well as in one of our foreign forest projects.



With COzero you buy and delete “rights to emit” from the European Emission Trading System (ETS). With every right we delete we reduce the amount that is available to the European industry, energy, and aviation sector. Each right gives the right to emit one tonne, or 1000 kg, of CO2.